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Events & News

Trade tasting: Newly released 2016 Vintage ports and a selection of earlier vintages Hong Kong, 2018

The Hong Kong trade was thrilled to have the opportunity to taste the highly acclaimed 2016 Vintage Ports from the six member houses of the VPA, alongside an older vintage from each house. The guests were encouraged to taste all the 2016 vintages to compare the different styles of each of the houses and then taste the two vintages side by side to see how they age in bottle. It was an enlightening occasion for professionals, wine connoisseurs and port enthusiasts. 



The Vintage Port Academy Workshop Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, November 2018

 This year the VPA welcomed 107 students to the VPA alumni community from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong during a hectic week of workshops in November. The workshops were followed by a sit-down lunch where they could match different styles of port from Ruby Reserve to Vintage Port with various dishes. The thumb ups pairing included sweet and vinegar spare ribs with Ruby Reserve, stir-fried crab with ginger and onion with Tawny 20 Year Old Port, Peri peri chicken with Late Bottled Vintage Port; and wok-fried beef cube with Vintage Port.

The top students this year who wrote the most impressive answer to persuade a fine wine collector to include Vintage Port in his collection, were:

Shanghai: Hu Meng from Aman Yang Yun Hotel, ‘… Let me remind you how cheerful you were when you were a little child and your grandfather gave you a rather special gift (vintage port) on your birthday…. And what’s the most terrific is, even your grand-grandchild can still enjoy it. It’s not only a gift, it’s a beautiful, lively heritage!

Beijing: Celine Liang from Pudao Wines, ‘… if one day you’re tired of the high-acidity, strong-tannin Italian wine, you can rest in a cosy armchair with your wife and cat, and enjoy this complex and harmonious sweet port wine’.

Guangzhou: Summer Wei from Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, ‘… We were born in the 80s so having a Vintage Port such as Dow’s 1985 in our collection is especially meaningful…’

Hong Kong: Michael Tully from Black Sheep Restaurants, ‘… You can give a bottle of (Vintage Port) to your son on his 18th birthday and he can enjoy it on his 50th birthday. You can try this with your favourite Bordeaux but all it’ll have after that time is a nice cooking vinegar…’

We have created a VPA alumni Facebook group, WeChat group (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou) for networking and sharing our passion on port. Alumni, please join us.

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